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Saddle my horse as I drink my last ale

bow string and steel will prevail...

2 March 1984
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Stand and fight
Live by your heart
Always one more try
I'm not afraid to die
Stand and fight
say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel!!!

-Manowar "Heart of Steel"

a perfect circle, amadeus, antique costume, antiques roadshow, art nouveau, arthurian legends, arturo perez-reverte, aubrey beardsley, ayashi no ceres, azumanga daioh, beatles, ben folds, bread, brian molko, broadway, bunnies, cabaret, center of the world, changing rooms, chobits, chopin, chris burden, christopher bram, classical music, concerts, daggerfall, dargs and arigs, days of our lives, diana gabaldon, disney, dominic monaghan, domlijah, drawing, eastenders, eating, england, european history, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, flashman, francisco de goya, fushigi yuugi, george macdonald fraser, graeme base, gravity kills, guerrilla girls, hans holbein, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hedwig, history channel, i love lucy, ice cream, jazz, jeff koons, jennifer roberson, johnny depp, jon crosby, jonathan rhys meyers, jude law, judith merkle riley, kennywood, kiwi birds, led zeppelin, logic dinosaur, lord of the rings, madrid, marion zimmer bradley, massive attack, maury povich, maynard james keenan, mercedes lackey, monarch of the glen, moonlighting, morrowind, napoleon, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, opera, opeth, oscar wilde, painting, passions, patricia highsmith, paul mccarthy, pee-wee herman, perfect blue, performance art, phantom of the paradise, piano, pillows, pirates, placebo, portishead, pre-raphaelites, princess bride, prokofiev, pug dogs, queen, queer as folk, ranma 1/2, regency, renaissance, rhapsody, roleplaying, samurai pizza cats, sanrio, scott joplin, sean astin, shopping, sims, six feet under, skinny puppy, skunk anansie, slash, sluggy freelance, snatch comics, sneaker pimps, spain, star trek: tng, talented mr. ripley, tamora pierce, the doors, the graduate, the inquisition, the pillow book, the sopranos, thunderbirds, tim o'brien, titus, toadies, tool, tori amos, toulouse-lautrec, traveling, tremors, trent reznor, triphop, tudor history, unreal tournament, vast, velvet goldmine, veterans, victorian times, viggo mortensen, vintage, war stories, wildboyz, willow, woody allen


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